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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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Although don't actually chuck the stool - I still use it for tubbies.

Steve Lillybeck

I think the stool in the droor is a great way to save space, good thinking!


Thanks Steve! It's a small room, so not having a stool always in the way helps a lot!


It looked so nice painted white, the gray and those drawer pulls make it look more contractor grade. I thought the white was the after pic at first!


Jojo - if you saw the white in person, you'd see that it was the shiny white melamine - it's not real wood! I was open to staying white - but it wasn't possible to match the melamine finish on the drawers with the new bits. The whole thing had to be painted. We do what we can...

Carina Menendez

Wow! The IKEA-inspired step stool is a smart idea since the kids can reach the sink without using any stool that may cause accidents. That also reduces clutter in the bathroom because you don’t have a stool to move about. It makes the bathroom neat and organized. It also saves space!

Melissa @ HOUSEography

So cool! I have been thinking about this for years - might be perfect in our kids' bathroom!!

Granite Countertops

Great transformation. I want to implement this idea into the guest bathroom! Thanks for posting!


the way of making bathroom this way for children simply look amazing to me and surely i love to have bathroom like this

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